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Online & Video

SMS & Batch Messaging

Virtual Ward &
Remote Monitoring


Video Consultation for NHS

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Online Consultations for NHS

Manage consultations effectively

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A complete communication solution

SMS Services



Switch to Ouris and save costs on SMS

Single and Bulk Messages

Asynchronous messaging
Send and receive - Files, Images, Questionnaires, Health Links and many more


Update your patients
E-mails, Notifications, Messaging and SMS


Remote Monitoring and Virtual Ward


Ouris for Primary, Secondary & Social Care

Early Discharges, Virtual Admissions, Vitals and Mental Health Monitoring

Nurse Led Monitoring

Create your Monitoring Hub

Delayed Admissions and safe care at home

Alerts on Vitals and Reminders for Readings and Medications


QOF simplified – Send and receive multiple questionnaires

Health and well being Questionnaires

Send and receive by links

Assign to a team on receipt

Customisation of Questionnaires

Request - Images and Readings

Ouris for CCGs & ICS

One place to view and manage practices

Add and remove practices to your group

Detailed Analytics of usage of the solution across the region

Inter practice and Team communications

Online Consultations

Real time usage metrics - Live chats & Asynchronous Messages, Demographics, Frequent users, Decision & Triage Outcomes

Video Consultations

Real time usage metrics, Failed encounters, Demographics, Call and Video Quality

Remote Monitoring

Admission and Discharge Metrics,
Duration analytics, Demographics, Significant cost savings

Communication Portal usage

Real time usage metrics, Failure reasons, Demographics

Ouris for Primary Care Network


Simple cloud-based solution for your practice needs

Add multiple practices to your group

Cross Consult

Receive Outcomes in real time to your practice

Patient's information between practices

Support each other

Signposting to patients

Health and Wellbeing Diary

Track and intervene early for a better clinical outcome for your patients

Ouris aligns with long term NHS plan

Multiple controls – Vitals, Mental Health, Symptom Tracker

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Covid Monitoring for patients

Symptom tracker for acute and long covid

Prevent complications and reach out early

Up to date NHS information

Covid Virtual Ward

Admit, Manage and Discharge remotely

Set Targets and Manage Vitals remotely – Pulse, Temperature, Respirations, Saturations

Treat patients safely at home in a secure environment

Protect Staff from Covid

Track and Monitor symptoms and its severity

Get alerts from patients needing attention

Manage Long Covid using Symptom and Mood diary

Intervene early and safe lives

What can Ouris health do for your patients?

Mood Journal

Identify and Manage Mental health symptoms

APP and WEB based daily mood journal

Detect early – Anxiety, Depression, Postnatal and Peri Natal Depression

PHQ – Questionnaires

Suicidal and Self Harm alerts to patients – Save Lives

Keep parents close to children and monitor daily


Bring your patients closer and keep them connected

Online messages by E-mail , APPs , SMS

Access by Website and Mobile APPs



Assured by NHS England

Information Governance

Hosting and Infra structure

Business Continuity

Data Migration and Data Standards


Training Standards

Available in DFOCVC Framework

GDPR Compliant

DSP – Tool Kit – Exceeded Expectations

Cyber Essentials Plus certified

ISO 27001 – Certified


Training for Practice and Organisations


Assured by NHS England

Control of Training Modules

Customise your training

Assign and Monitor Training

Why Ouris health?

One solution for all your communication needs

Cost effective – Available at a fraction of cost to existing solutions

Creative and Innovative Team – Built by NHS Professionals for NHS use

Mobile and Web Access to Patients

Zero cost to your Communications

64 Features – DFOCVC Framework – Only supplier with highest number of features

Keep on top of QOF with Health and wellbeing solutions

Patients Questionnaires for Chronic diseases

Detailed Analytics of usage of the solution (Demand and Control)

Feedback Analytics – Boost your Performance

CCGs & PCN Access

Inter team and Inter Organisation Communications

Connect with your NHS Professionals

Find Health Advice & Information